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The Unconventional Business Mentor needed in these times.

There are multiple pillars supporting my business mentoring style and they all support your success. Twenty-five years in business across four companies driven by activism, environment, diversity, branding and now intuition is the cocktail of support business owners need in our climate-focused times. Stakeholders not just shareholders is one of the key underpinnings of the UN sustainable development goals and you will find these imbued in all my advice and support.

The hard work attitude of pushing is outdated, exhausting and no longer relevant in business if we are really going to change our communities and our future. I will always support your health and your joy as a key foundation for your success.

I created my first eco-product in 1998 and over the next 23 years launched another 33 zero-waste products. This meant product makers were the business owners that first sought me out for advice. These days I have many service-based businesses and small companies in my portfolio and I love the balance that this brings.

In 2000, I coined the phrase, “change the world, one purchase at a time” to express my brand activism, a phrase that many industries have since adopted. Now, two and a half decades later, and based in the UK, I am on a mission to change business for generations to come, through mentoring a new generation of product makers and climate-conscious business owners.

Jannine Barron

Business Pioneer

In December 2018, I signed a contract of sale to say goodbye to my last company Natures Child. The same week, my youngest son left home. 

It was a long way from the western suburbs of Sydney where I was raised before entering the mind-expanding world of University at the tender age of seventeen. Four years on campus spat out a social activist, teacher, performer, traveller and writer. As I turned thirty a few years later, while staring at my newborn, I dreamt of a better world for him that turned out to be the beginning of an incredible ecopreneurial journey that included starting and selling four enterprises.  

Here’s the short version

  • 1997 – 1999       Co-creator and owner of Hugabub  

  • 2001 – 2004       Co-creator and owner of Byron Bay Pregnancy Retreats  

  • 2000 – 2018       Creator and Owner of Nature’s Child  

  • 2000 - 2018        Set up a Mac Support Business and then helped them sell it in 2018

  • 2019  > 2040> Business Mentoring that changes the world for generations to come.

If you have a specific interest in BRAND ACTIVISM then you may enjoy the raw and real story behind my activism which I write about here. 

I've been mentoring fellow impact makers since 2010 when people started asking me for my advice. At the time, I was disrupting the global baby industry, pioneering organic baby products since 2000 at a time when no-one knew what "organic" meant and the word sustainability was not yet in our lexicon. Hard to imagine now!  I built an incredible network of people along the way that I now access to support up and coming brand and business builders.

It is now my life's work to inspire ecopreneurs across as many industries as possible so that I can make an even bigger impact in this world.

An ECOPRENEUR is a business owner who has environmental & social impact as part of their bottom line business strategy.

So is this you?

Or would you like it to be you?

There are no qualifications to start a business but a life lived with passion for change and the support to navigate the multitasking that is required is a sure way to be successful at it. It helps to have a strategic mind, resilience and staying power through the highs and lows that will come.

Ecopreneurs face the same dilemmas as all business builders. But they want a mentor and strategist that assumes mitigating social and environmental impact is fundamental, not optional. So when it comes to sourcing suppliers, defining a clear strategy and other critical business needs, this knowledge is integrated from day one.

Alongside my skilled guidance and executive coaching, you will feel my absolute commitment to your personal success and business impact. To work with you, I will need to be inspired by your own vision and mission so understanding your big dream is critical for us to be a dynamic team.

> If you a successful business financially but not sure about the ethics of your supply chain. It is completely possible to transition, are you ready for that?

> Are you sitting on a brilliant eco-product idea but not sure where to start? Or whether to risk it? It would be my pleasure to assess the viability of your idea.

Reach out to me today and you will find out what is possible.

Every successful business must have the following.

1. A Compelling Business Story

2. Strong Foundations and Supported Strategy

3. Action Steps focused on tangible Goals with clear timelines

4. An amazing team of people, even if it's a team of one!

5. Management; of Staff, Finance, Systems

6. Mindset and Self-Care!

7. SUPPORT!! That’s where I come in. Save time and money by not reinventing the mistakes many of us have made in the past. Ask any successful business owner if they had a coach or mentor! It is essential.

Book a conversation with me soon so we can explore your potential. It’s free to chat and let’s face it, magic always comes from two people talking about the future so let’s do this


JANNINE BARRON - Business Pioneer Biography.

Jannine Barron is one of the most relaxed business mentors in the world for good reasons. She’s on a mission to support business owners who are here to help people and our planet. Jannine's mentoring style is the antidote to hard work and long hours and believes using simple, clear frameworks that allow our unique genius to emerge, supported by intuition is how we truly achieve our goals. She is a sought after mentor by climate activists and business owners in the UK and Australia.

But it wasn’t always like this. Jannine Barron has been saving the planet with brand activism for 30 years so she knows how burnout results from current hard work and overthinking. Depression gripped Jannine for many years in the middle of what outsiders only saw as success. 

Jannine has transformed her hard times into one of the most positive, intuitive form of business mentoring available. She will help you build and scale your business without overwhelm, using an intuitive approach to strategy and wealth building. She wants you to make an impact while making a living using intuition and simple business strategies that allow your genius to emerge.

Thinking multiple generations ahead, Jannine wants her legacy to be a network of successful, change-making individuals living lives of deep satisfaction, modelling this way of being for generations to come.

To achieve this says Jannine, we can’t create from the old, hard work paradigm. Our planet is asking us to change to survive. A new paradigm is the only way.

"Our planet can’t take any more, it needs us to know once and for all that we are all connected, to each other as people and to nature. We cannot survive without a clean, nourishing environment, and to achieve this we need to work together with new ways of thinking, healing and being. If we continue working in the same old hard work, pushy paradigms, then we won’t have a future" Jannine Barron

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