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I'm now about to launch my beautiful skincare range thanks to all of this incredible mentoring.  From the moment I signed up for her programme, I had Jannine's amazing guidance and support at all times. Initially, she spent time with me ensuring that my business foundations were solid and that my own mindset was positive, making me believe in my potential and helping me clear any blockages. Also encouraging me to create daily habits that would continue to serve me throughout this journey. Her business knowledge is remarkable. Every question was covered in-depth either during our online meetings or via her amazing email support. 

More Happy Clients

Jannine is helping me as a mentor, coach and intuitive guide to transition my business to become climate net-positive. She works from the big-picture blue-sky perspective but doesn’t shy from getting her hands in the dirt when needed. She’s practical yet soulful, wise and playful, challenging and courageous. She is a real champion to her clients. She follows her gut and her heart and combines it with strong business acumen. She gives a lot. Her sessions are surprising with many aagh-hah moments, sometimes a little chaotic, often insightful. I can see how my business is step-changing  as Jannine helps me step up into a new role.

Claire Scobie - Wordstruck

Jannine Barron has helped me in structuring and organising my new business as well as identifying our needs, defying roles, creating structures and plans. Being our sounding board, giving insight and opinion about the skincare industry and supporting our research into packaging and manufacturing. She identified it being the most challenging of our tasked and helped us to overcome it. Her experience in the field is very helpful and reassuring. As well as helping by intuitively identify our needs and patiently listening to our problems and difficulties. 

I can now focus on what I am the best in, make good decisions, stay energised and enthusiastic about my new business, allowing our team to move forward in confidence and clarity.

As a start-up, Jannine has contributed to my growing Celebrant business with all the practical elements, advising me on building relationships and creating my website. She has provided me with insight when it comes to negotiating costs, and being mindful of what questions to ask. As a result, my costs have significantly reduced. Thank you Jannine for assisting me in putting together another piece of my business, enabling me to keep moving forward. professionally. Very Grateful.

So grateful to have had the opportunity to be working with Jannine on developing a new business plan for our Digital Marketing Division. She provided excellent guidance and support on achieving both the business and leadership training goals on time and within budget. She also took into consideration my personality and way of learning when delivering the training which made this project a pleasure to work on. Moreover, she remained very involved throughout the entire process easily sharing her deep knowledge. Jannine is a great leader and mentor who I recommend with all my heart.

Alexandra Grozea​

Digital Marketing Manager

Even More Happy Clients

My name is Catherine and before the session with Jannine I was lacking in clarity with lots of ideas and no plan how to implement them.  During the session I was worried my conscious mind was taking over and didn’t understand the significance of what I may have been imagining.  After the session I was really excited to analyse the hidden meaning of what was in my mind and what I need to focus on in my business.  It was very insightful and intuitive - a real holistic way of looking at things.  I would absolutely recommend Jannine for personal or business matters to gain a better understanding of yourself or your business!

Jannine built my website for me and advised on my business model. She is an open person, who wants human beings to believe in their ability to be well and successful, and she is willing to do the work on herself to facilitate that.   She is a bright, fun, compassionate person. Jannine Barron has helped me through inspiring me and "being" my confidence when I didn't have any so I can start my training business and enhance people's ability to listen and give each other space through my course. And now I have started to run the first cohort and it's going great.

Liz Dunphy

Group Testimonials

The power of group mentoring depends on the mentor and Jannine excels at this.  Jannine is completely natural and authentic and her gentle yet firm questioning style allowed me to be completely honest with myself and withhold any judgement about what comes up.  Her warm personality and understanding of environmental and human nature/cycles is refreshing.  She provides a framework that is easy to follow and is encouraging every step of the way.  Her business and life experience gives her the perfect blend of intuition and strategy.  If you have the opportunity to join one of Jannine's groups or to work with her, I highly recommend Jannine and her approach.

Ruth Richards

Intuitive Coach & Clinical Hypnotherapist

Thank you so much for having me there today. I loved the process. It fascinates me that questions can crack one's box of normal so effectively. A big thing for me is to be able to listen to the subconscious under the noise of your normal thoughts. I also found that most of the questions pointed to me changing myself... again... even more.

I love how you draw attention to what I don't want so that I know what I do want. It is difficult for me to know what I want, but if I can figure out what I don't want then my wants and needs just seem to pop up out of the subconscious so easily.

It was a wonderful experience. Thank you so much.

Rochelle Skead

Professional Specialised Kinesiologist

It is not often you sit back and reflect. It was necessary to address some problems with my strategies that I need to adjust. I also loved the opportunity to think about the future and what we visualise in a couple of years, it has allowed me to find that motivation I have been lacking these last few weeks. 

Leila Smith

Promise PR and Creative Ltd.

Group Experiences

I took a course on creating a digital footprint in 33 days. It helped me to work out my messaging, create my logo, and figure out how and where I want to show up online. I also created my online booking system, which has been a massive help to me and has freed up a lot of my time. Jannine was great, not only because her skills and knowledge helped each of us to create our digital footprint, but what sets her apart is that she also works energetically or intuitively. So, for example, she took us on a visualisation journey to meet our ideal client so that we could get a clear intuitive sense of our messaging. Obviously, this was a great fit for me as it is so much in alignment with how I work!

Jannine Barron has helped me to build my digital online presence and connect energetically to my business

by guiding us through the technical know-how of canva, acuity, etc, but more importantly for me, by taking an energetic approach to the standard business marketing wisdom we hear in other places so I can make decisions moving forward in my business around marketing messages, images, content, etc, by tapping into the energy of my business, rather than putting out there content that ticks the boxes of a head-driven generic guidance for "all" businesses and now I can forevermore draw on exercises to help me create content that is very specific to my business, my avatar, and my brand.

"The 12 Questions process is an incredibly simple but powerful way to look at your business. It takes you to the very heart of your business - and your relationship to it - from the get go. Traditional models of strategy building would encourage you to look at growth only, Jannine challenges you to cut out the 'dead wood' before helping you to see what will help you flourish from there. It is counterintuitive, profound and inspiring."

It is not often you sit back and reflect. It was necessary to address some problems with my strategies that I need to adjust. I also loved the opportunity to think about the future and what we visualise in a couple of years, it has allowed me to find that motivation I have been lacking these last few weeks. 

Leila Smith

Promise PR and Creative Ltd.

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