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Finding the Oppurtunity in a Crisis March 2020

Updated: May 20, 2020

The likelihood that one of the big 3 issues is currently affecting your weekly cash flow right now is very high.

  1. The Coronavirus has emerged as a public health emergency. If you are in a ‘touching’ industry, are your clients staying away?    

  2. Bushfire recovery or devastation continues. Are you back on your feet yet?

  3. The Aussie Dollar has crashed and the UK has left the EU. How are your exports going?

Challenges always arise in business.  I managed business through the GFC and while we survived, we lost exports but increased our Australian business leads. 

The one thing I learnt was, focus on the opportunity, not the problem.

So where is your focus?

What if I told you that your clients need you now more than ever?

When I started natures child in 2000, it was at the height of the dot com crisis. If you are not old enough to remember that term, it was basically the mass collapse of Internet companies. Commentators said there was no future for e-commerce. 

So what did I do? I started an online company. Australias’ First Organic Baby Company and we started online before we had a store or a wholesale range.

Crisis offers opportunity.

The crisis is sometimes the best time to start a new venture.

Are you ready to be a positive force in your industry?

If you need support, I will offer you a new perspective on what you can do with your business today! It's my free offering this week.

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