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It's not business as Usual April 2020

Updated: May 20, 2020

Today I am sharing some COVID-19 business innovations I have observed in the last two weeks. Some business owners are innovating and thriving in these times. So keep reading!  I hope their stories inspire you to innovate in your own business right now.

It’s not business as usual

Now is the time to be innovative and disruptive and turn difficult times into new beginnings.

Planning is essential.

The ability to change plans is also essential!

For some of you, it’s time to close your current business and start a new one.

There is still a demand for services, even if they are different from what you had on offer last month!

Or perhaps you are busier than ever? There are many industries booming right now.

Imagine being the owner of Zoom right now?

Here are my top 10 guidelines for navigating business during COVID-19

In my last news, we addressed the points 1 - 3 below.

Since then, I have been living in the next four points.

You may need to sit in this place for a little longer.

There is no hurry. If you need more rest, take it. 

But if you are ready to innovate and change, it's time for 8,9,10!

Which is exactly where I am at.

10 Tips for any small business navigating COVID-19

  1. Be Honest

  2. Be a Leader.

  3. Connect and Inform

  4. Review, Rest, Reset, Reflect

  5. Exercise, Eat, Enjoy

  6. Seek Inspiration 

  7. Review your Personal Energy Quadrant ( see below )

  8. Get Support and Innovate

  9. Plan with a Purpose for New Times

  10. Get a Mentor or business buddy to help you navigate and align for your best outcome. Be supported, challenged and directed to a new, expanded you.

Personal Energy Quadrant  (PEQ)

As soon as the internet is connected in our new home, I will be launching a FREE online course so you learn how to create your PEQ.

It is the single, most dynamic and important aspect of my day and my life.

If you need a dose of positivity that will get you planning and innovating, you will want to attend. 

I can't wait to tell you more about that soon

Stuck on how you can innovate right now?

Here are some business innovations that I’ve seen in the last 2 weeks that will get your creative juices flowing. Cash flow is imperative for many of us. These people did not have a choice to rest, they innovated fast and are winning.

  • Fisherman in Cornwall UK lost their exports to Europe overnight. They now sell local fish direct from dock and travel door to door.  People still need to eat!

  • A produce shop in Dorsett UK purchased the food at cost from restaurants ( (that can't open!) and is retailing it directly to customers from their food stores, thereby growing their business!

  • A bottle shop with no drive-through created a popup drive-through where customers pull up on the street where a staff member greets them. They take cashless payments only on a mobile device then the customer pops their boot. Contactless, safe shopping done! 

  • The post office has partnered with a major supermarket and pharmacy chains to create a basic food box that they can deliver.

  • My financial planner is offering sessions on how to minimise your financial risks during COVID

  • My yoga class is now online. Same price and I’m loving not having to travel!

  • A dance class from another city that I've always had my eye on is now available to me online. I’ve always wanted to do it and now I can!

  • My housesitting membership site offered me a free 6-month extension of my membership to keep me subscribed. This industry has a high risk of failure now so keeping subscribers at no cost is smart. 

  • Financial institutions are offering pauses or new interest deals, payment arrangements on money lending.

  • Solicitors are delivering a personalised will service through windows to keep a safe distance.

  • Health Workers like naturopaths, kinesiologists and mental health workers are doing sessions online

  • I rang some previous clients to see what helped they needed and one employed on the spot!

  • Is there someone you can ring to see if they need help?

 And remember, your customers are not gone, they’re just at home!

May you find the strength, support and gift to close the old and welcome in the new.

Trust the gift ‘given’ to you right now. Seek Support if you are not sure.

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