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This course is for anyone that has a project or business that you want to explore or just get up and running in a short time period.

Think of this as stage one of a business journey that can begin once you have a digital presence to communicate your brand or service.

Your digital footprint may include:

  1. A website or/and

  2. Social Media

  3. Email Signature

  4. A Booking & Payment system.

  5. There are up to 40 ways you can be digital online but you only need 3 - 5 to start a business. Establishing your priority digital presence is the first step in this course.

None of the above is mandatory. This course is about YOU getting ONLY what is relevant at this stage of your business or project.

 In just 33 days you will:

  1. CLARIFY your vision

  2. Write your perfect BRAND message

  3. Create your Visual Branding

  4. Publish the appropriate digital footprint

  5. Now you have a presence you can go get clients!

2021 is a very exciting time for self-employment. People are leaving employment to start a business to regain their freedom and self-worth.

Never before in history have we had such easy access to so many free digital tools to promote ourselves and get clients locally and globally.

You can have your brand logo, visual imagery, all social media set up and even a simple website if required completed in 33 days. Just take a look at what our previous students have created here.

If you don't need a website, you can brand your business and build a social media presence in 33 days. Don't worry, I will help you figure out which digital footprints you need. We will identify the right digital pathway for you in the first week of the course.

Sound Interesting?

I will walk you through the key planning steps to ensure your success. The action, confidence and direction are built into this course to ensure you complete your project. 

The course cost is £297 or AUD$497  and 33 days is the timeframe.

Unless you are enrolling in our B Experience Mentoring Group  run in conjunction with this course in which case you get 30% off the cost of this course.

Visit Our Conscious Business Platform to Learn More

Having a digital presence for your idea is vital if you want people to take you seriously. More importantly, it gives you the foundations from which you can grow your idea.

This course will propel you towards this vision and personal change in a way that you won’t believe!

If you feel unsure or nervous about the first step, then this course is ideal for you. 

If you have been procrastinating on an idea and are not sure where to start, this is your chance.

Accountability and Support are key to any business success. Having a guide to walk you through the steps makes this so much easier.

If you have between 3 -6 hours a week to take action, then you can do this! If you have more hours than that, then the sky is the limit for you!

"Action is the foundational key to all success."
- Pablo Picasso

It's about starting!

Below you can read a few of the previous course participant testimonials. You can also watch video testimonials. You can also Read the Course outline below 

I have mentored hundreds of people over the last ten years and every time, it is the ones that take action that make progress. 

This is an outcomes-based experience!

Feeling scared? Many of our students do, but don't let that stop you! Our first week is so supportive that everyone relaxes and feels heard very quickly.

In fact, most participants report that the support circle is one of the most empowering outcomes of this course.

There are plenty of people out there who think 'I don't need a course' but are they doing it? We offer ACCOUNTABILITY and COMMITMENT.



From the moment I committed to work with Jannine my whole self-started to get clear, even before we started. I realized the power of my connections with the people I already know. Working with Jannine has been an absolute pleasure. You turn up with 150% positivity and belief in everyone in the room. It’s contagious. You really believe in what you are doing so I can’t help but get on board and believe in myself.

Marlena Basser


The guidance from Jannine with my writing was challenging and necessary and inspiring to consider opportunities beyond what I first thought was possible. It has helped me get clear on what I am doing with Beaming Green. I had an idea 33 days ago and now I have a linked in page, Facebook page, Instagram, website brief and video on my youtube channel for my podcast. I’m really proud of what I have produced.”

Jeremy Melder

Cheryl Barron

“When I first saw the course I thought I would enrol. Then I felt uncertain so the day before the course I decided this is not for me. Then I reconsidered, I need something to push me out there. The confidence I gained was incredible and I can't believe the opportunities that have come my way including clients!! A wonderful surprise. I am now the proud owner of Noosa Radiant Weddings.

You can meet more happy clients over on this page.

Cheryl Barron

Suzanne Gamache.jpg

Jannine Barron helped me to build my digital online presence and connect energetically to my business by guiding us through the technical know-how of canva, acuity, etc, but more importantly for me, by taking an energetic approach to the standard business marketing wisdom we hear in other places so I can make decisions moving forward with marketing messages, images, content, by tapping into the energy of my business, rather than putting out there content that ticks the boxes of head-driven generic guidance for "all" businesses and now I can forevermore draw on exercises to help me create content that is very specific to my business, my avatar and brand.

Suzanne Gamache



"Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes"

Here is what happens in 33 days.

The journey begins with clarifying your personal and business vision. I will then teach you the exact method to transfer this vision into compelling copy and images that speak to your target audience.

Once you have these tools, I then walk you step by step through a process using free online resources with the bonus of troubleshooting and training.

In 33 days, you will have a complete digital presence either with the social media channels that suit your enterprise and/or a website showcasing your business or craft. We will find the right digital match for you!

You attend classes live on zoom plus get unlimited email support in between sessions. If you are really stuck, we have a 1:1 chat! I factor this in because your success is the ONLY outcome I want for you.

The group environment is very powerful. Watching the journey of others alongside your own is inspiring and expansive. It will compel you to complete your mission, encouraged by the group energy.

The group is kept small, no more than 4 - 6 people so you get all the support you need. There are some videos to watch in between sessions but we always come back together to discuss them and learn together.

You are never forgotten in this course, your outcome is my outcome and I will keep a watchful and supportive presence for you the whole way.


  • Accountability

  • Support and Troubleshooting

  • Live Course Materials

  • Every Action Step for Success

  • FUN and achievement!

  • Access to our Member Learning Platform

  • PLUS 1 X BONUS  1:1 60 minutes mentor meeting with me to clear any obstacles or to make your personal plan.

  • We also meet 1:1 for 30 minutes before the course starts so you have a clear plan to launch with.

All for the low price of £297 which is what people usually pay for 2 hours of my personal time. Take action and book here

Having a digital presence for your business or creative project has never been more important.

The world has been shifting in this direction but recent events have catapulted the urgency to be online.

Whether you are seeking an online presence to clarify your ideas or as a platform for instant sales for your service or product, you will reach your goal in 33 days when you commit to this process.

If you feel unsure, impatient, nervous or frustrated, then that is a sign to take action.

If you have been procrastinating on your idea and not sure where to start, there has never been a better offer than the one I will give you now.

If you can devote 5-8  hours a week to take action, then I will support you over a 5 week period to reach this tangible outcome in 33 days.

Our next course starts Monday 14 June, 2021. We meet on Mondays and Wednesdays most weeks. Please email me for the full timetable and to express your interest in joining us.

Module One: The Foundations

Day 1 - 11

1.   Learn the art of crafting the beautiful offer in a way that really connects with the people you want to reach.

2.   Learn my simple one-page business plan that my top level clients access. This will keep your personal and professional goals simple.

3.  Clarify your business structure and IP

4.  Know your business name and vibe plus the easiest way to check your name is available on all digital platforms.

5.  Write your first copy and create your first imagery.

Module Two: Taking Action

Day 12 - 22

1.   I’ll show you free online tools to create your brand with easy 'cut and paste' software that anyone with basic tech skills can use.

2.   Create a logo with free software.

3.   Create a branded image for social media using free software.

4.   Design your perfect content and message.

5.   Assess which social media is useful for your industry and only select what is relevant and establish a presence.

6.   Use some free tools to check your name and establish availability with ease.

7.   Start to build content for your website.

Module Three: The finale

Day 23 - 33

1.   Create a 3 – 6 + page website that advertises what you do ( only if you want a website, this is purely optional ) 

2. Complete your goal!

3. Congratulations: You now have an online business!


  • The modules are in 11 Day Segments

  • You will need approximately 5 - 10 hours a module.

  • You can spend any time you have on this and complete the modules at a later date if time is an issue for you. You will always have access to the material I create.​

My experience is that once you take action, you start to move in the direction you are meant to go in so don’t worry if you don’t have a perfectly formed idea before you start, this may even be a bonus before you begin because I will walk you through a creative, practical process that will clarify your goals and message.

I’m offering accountability, timeframes, weekly group support, structured private support if you want to access that, or the option to work alone, but either way, what you get is a tangible result!

If you are worried about being on the internet before you are ready, that's the least of your concerns because you can select to NOT go live and keep working on your site until you are ready.

You will have 100% confidence to do this in 33 days.

If you don’t like your site, you can start again by revisiting the recordings for this or another project anytime.

The most important step is taking action.

The process of starting unfolds all sorts of surprise results!

Once you have the skills and knowledge to go digital and see the results in a tangible form, you will become what you are dreaming of today.

You don't need lots of money but you do need lots of COURAGE and SUPPORT.

These two things can make anything happen!

If you feel a little nervous about starting then great! The line between nervous and excited is very thin. 

Then you just pay £297 for the course.

Sign Up Now and feel the joy of beginning this journey!


Here are some of the people enrolling.

  • has a new business idea

  • has an existing business that needs to improve its digital presence to get more clients with a booking system or website.

  • has a hobby that they would like to turn into a business

  • has a market stall and would like to send customers online if they don’t buy on market day

  • anyone that needs to create an online portfolio or resume

  • the community group that needs to pitch funding

  • a new business that is not sure how to market their message or reach ideal clients. You have some clients but need more.

  • been doing a part-time cash business on top of your full-time job but want to increase this income

  • Or perhaps you have another reason to get online?


You will hear me say a lot in this course that done is better than perfect and action creates results.

This course is the ultimate action you can take to place your venture in the public eye so that people can find you and pay you!

It's about taking responsibility in a really tough world right now and being able to look back in 5yrs and say, thank goodness I started!

Got questions? Email me here 

I am very passionate about business because of the freedom, self-empowerment, passion and the possibility that it offers people.

This course is for anyone that can answer yes to the following.

1.   I’m not sure if it’s the right time

2.   I don’t have much money

3.   I’m not ready to share my idea 

4.   I’m not sure what I want to say yet

5.   I’m feeling shy and unsure about how I would look online

6.   Maybe later this year or another time

7.   I don’t have time

8.   Yes…I’m excited!

Remember, 33 days is going to pass by in your life anyway, would you like an online presence at the end of those 33 days?


✔️  The proven system that big-budget business uses to craft a connection message that reaches the people you want 

✔️  How to identify your target audience and learn where they hang out so you can talk to them

✔️  Why having any digital footprint is more important than being perfect when you are at the starting stage.

✔️  The step by step system to get online with low tech and low budget

✔️  How a public presence gives a solid foundation to your idea and propels your idea

✔️ Why talking about the idea instead of taking action will slow or stop your dream.

✔️  The personal mindset system will keep you inspired and taking action infinitely.

✔️  How you do all this from a purpose-driven heart space that will finally align your income with the impact you want to make

SCROLL RIGHT DOWN TO MEET SOME HAPPY GRADUATES or meet all my happy clients here

If you would like a no-obligation, discovery call to see if this course or personal 1:1 mentoring would be the right match for you, chat to me soon by booking a 30-minute free chat by booking here

Our next course starts Monday 21 June 2021. Five Places Available.

Enrol today and you will have a digital footprint for your business up and running by July 23 - sound good?

£297 is the price and 33 days is the timeframe. ( or  AUD$497 ) 

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