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Reading a Book


The art of a compelling story, carried by a simple, clear, well-designed strategy that takes your customer on a beautiful, relevant and enjoyable journey.

And before you begin, really know what change you are offering to your audience.

Your Marketing Mentor

I meet amazing business owners with products and services all the time that just don't reach enough people.

I'm that weird person who seems to magically see the missing piece to your puzzle and shows it to you. 

If I am inspired by what you do, I will champion your brand and support you for as little or long as you need. I will save you money and make you money. I will see 10 steps ahead and make sure you are prepared. 

There's one important catch. I love this planet so I only work with service industries that help people and products that meet ethical standards. If that's you, I've got your back! 

PS: Check out the glowing testimonials below or explore one of our accessible group workshops below to get a taste of my style as your Marketing Mentor.


Marketing Strategy Sessions

Are you ready for a game changing marketing strategy session?

A great way to receive immediate inspiration and change. Meet me in a group setting and assess if this will support you in the way you need before investing in deeper work.
£25 per person or enquire about team price

Described as a game-changer by 100% of clients. We create a simple plan after identifying the gaps in your current messaging and customer connection process.  Sliding scale based on hours.
£297 - £497

The ideal service if your business needs a kickstart. We revisit the reason you began your business, we clarify the vision and direction you need. We then map out a strategy that will reinspire you, engage your clients and reinvigorate your income and connection with clients, and yourself! We create a unique programme created for your specific needs. Starting at£997


Need More Customers?


11:00 am - 12:30pm UK time

I'm giving you the template in this workshop to create an impactful customer engagement journey that is right for you. This is not a talk. This is a live experience where you will actively create your own funnel then leave with a draft marketing/sales plan.


  • Come prepared to create your very own marketing plan LIVE in the workshop.

All attendees will receive the template for your sales success.

Here's what previous workshop attendees have said.

"It's so clear and obvious what I was missing" Anna

"It was mind-blowing as she led us through the customer journey. It was very interactive and each time we started getting carried away with ideas, she gently brought us back to the map, making us identify what stage of the journey our “ideas” fit into. This is very useful for a creative person like me, who keeps churning out the ideas and sometimes tarry at the 'Nurture' stage." Valentina

"This pulled everything together and was a massive lightbulb moment for me Jannine, you just explained so clearly in one session what has taken me years to learn in different workshops. All the bits are in one place now, brilliant"   Justin



I am not going to stand there and share complicated systems, I have a unique process that gets you inspired very quickly. You then begin uncovering what you know in your heart and putting it in a plan that makes sense for your particular industry.


If I am in a team, do we all need to come?

Ideally yes because every person will have a different takeaway and then you can work together to share ideas after the workshop. I'll let you make the best decision.

Is it recorded?

No. We are live so you can ask questions on zoom which is the best way to reap the rewards. ( not a webinar!)

More questions?  Email me below

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